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Jerry Willis

Jerry Willis

Jerry Willis has a deep desire to help people make smart decisions about their money, especially in regard to retirement. Jerry's desire to assist people with their financial situation was sparked right out of college when he worked at a lending company. He saw people in many different stages of life, age wise, profession wise, and financially.

So Jerry committed his professional career - over 35 years ago - to this desire...creating strategies to grow, preserve and transfer wealth. Jerry focuses on bringing an approach to his clients so they can avoid the pitfalls of being trapped financially in retirement, with few choices.

Growing up in a rural area, Jerry enjoyed the independence and freedom of open spaces. He has a particular affinity for farmers and small business owners. He has a good understanding of the unique challenges facing these individuals and can relate to them effectively.

Jerry has one daughter, Brooke who has joined his business in July of 2023. He loves the outdoors, particularly any type of hunting, and travel